Wien Energie GmbH

photos: © courtesy of Wien Energie GmbH / Vienna Paint / Christian Hofer und Hüttinger Interactive Exhibitions

Vienna Energy Experience World

In October 2015 we were contracted to conceptually design, develop and fabricate the Wien Energie-Erlebniswelt (lit. Vienna Energy Experience World) the new visitor center of Wien Energie GmbH.
The Experience World is aimed as a starting point for all who want to learn about energy in general and the development of energy saving technologies. The exploratory tour comprises a large globe projection on the subject of climate change, a dance power plant and numerous energy-related interactives, which have been especially developed for a younger audience. Visitors are presented with exciting facts about physical laws and various energy applications with exhibits like What is Watt, Power Workshop, Thermal Lab and Energy Efficiency, just to name a few. Vienna Energy Experience World was opened to the public on March 23, 2017.

23 March 2017

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