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A reference from the category Product Presentations

Frameless Glass Construction

With this piece a glass object was created and produced, which had never existed before. It consists of a total of 38 panes of glass that are completely self-sufficient. This is because 244 high-precision stainless steel fittings were laminated into the 38 composite safety glass so no further steel components are needed for the assembly of the exhibit. The development of the project required six months of highly precise planning and extensive calculations. Altogether, the exhibit reaches a height of 4.5 m, a diameter of 3.5 m and an impressive weight of almost 1,400 kg. The exhibit initially premiered digitally in an Eastman Live Stream Event and according to current plans, the frameless glass construction will be presented at the glasstec trade fair in June 2021.

in cooperation with:
Knippers Helbig / KHIC - Planning and Design
Thiele Glas - Glass panels
Hüttinger Interactive Exhibitions - Fabrication and Installation