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Concept and Design

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Designing the interaction: a team of interior architects, product-, media- and graphic designers translates scientific content, product features and complex concepts into the language of exhibition - interactive exhibits based on real things and real processes in a novel environment.

Our designers are involved in all phases (concept, schematic, detail and construction documents) supporting our experienced project management, enabling a seamless translation of project vision and values throughout our design-and-build approach.

Our planning methodology is comprehensive and strategic, building visions around clearly-articulated goals and sustainable funding and operating models.


  • Interior architects
  • Product designers
  • Digital media designers
  • Graphic designers


  • VectorWorks
  • Cinema4D
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Maya
  • Rhino
  • Blue sky charrettes
  • Feasibility studies
  • Conceptual master planning
  • Storyboards, books
  • Fundraising tools
  • Architectural programming
  • Operational and budget planning
  • Content development and research
  • Writing and full graphic design
  • Space layout, architectural interiors
  • Interpretive (storytelling) design
  • Fly-through computer models
  • Interactive media development
  • Exhibit plans and specifications