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Designers and Builders of Interactive Exhibitions

Hüttinger is a one-stop shop for exhibition planning, design and fabrication, working for clients throughout Europe and on an international scale. We develop exhibitions that promote exploration and understanding through multi-sensory experience.

Our work

Concept and Design

Our team of architects and product, media and graphic designers work to integrate scientific topis, product features, and complex content into impactful experiences using our governing principal of real things and real processes in a novel environment.


The engineers design each exhibit based on the visual design supplied by the client or our in-house design team, using a large database of exhibition-grade standard components.

Software Engineering

Our technical planning unit is rooted in the design, development, testing and final production of original electronic and digital media experiences. Our software engineers create multimedia applications, gesture-based installations and unique interactive solutions.


We have an experienced team of highly skilled craftsmen in many trades all working together to create your one-of-a-kind exhibit. Maintaining the highest standards across all stages of the project, our craftsmen work hard to produce exhibits which are beautiful, durable, safe and appealing.

Projekt Management

Using modern project management tools, the project manager is responsible for meeting the client’s requirements within time and budget.

Knowledge Database

In the course of digitization, Hüttinger has relied on democratic decision-making processes and on an open suggestion culture. Our wiki is the guarantee for excellent project management, error prevention and the constant improvement of our interactive exhibits.

Our references