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DiMi - Digital Microscope for Public Spaces

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Digital Microscope for Public Spaces

DiMi – Your Portal to Microscopic Marvels!

With DiMi visitors of all ages and educational backgrounds have a simple and intuitive way to peer into the microworld! Robust design and simple interfaces make it a perfect it for all public spaces with high visitor traffic and restricted supervision such as Museums, Science Centers, Children’s Museums and Visitor Centers.
DiMi’s high magnification rate allows the clear observation of incredible details, like the hairs on a fly’s legs or the facets of their compound eyes on a high definition screen.

DiMi incorporates high-res widescreen camera technology, enabling you to:

  • Explore a vast array of microscopic specimens through a HD monitor or projector.
  • Dig into the intricate details of stones, fossils, shells, insects, flowers, feathers, textiles, coins, circuit boards, …
  • Engage in tactile experiences, even for the youngest visitors, thanks to the user-friendly and seamlessly adjustable zoom function.
  • Expand the range of viewing experiences with an assortment of supplementary accessories.
  • Add a rugged and reliable video microscope seamlessly into your existing exhibitions, traveling displays, or for outreach.

order DiMi online at the Hüttinger webshop >>

  • CAMERA RESOLUTION: HD1080p, 1920 x 1080 pixels @ 30 fps
  • FORMAT: 16:9 widescreen
  • LENS: Macro zoom, 10:1 ratio with zoom and focus control; height of viewed specimens up to 100 mm
  • MAGNIFICATION: 5x - 50x @22inch screens
  • FIELD OF VIEW: Changes with specimen height and zoom level
  • ILLUMINATION: Reflected light. 3W LED spotlight, white, approx. 4000K
  • VIDEO CONNECTION: Standard HDMI; USB to connect to software application on PCs
  • POWER: DC 12V and 100-240V 50/60Hz with supplied power-adaptor
  • POWER CONSUMPTION: 1.0A @ 12V (camera and light)
  • OPERATION: From +10°C to +40°C (non-condensing)
  • HEIGHT: 468 mm
  • WEIGHT: 8.5 kg
  • COLOUR: RAL 9007 grey aluminium
Options and supplements
  • PUBLIC DISPLAYS: Screens in different sizes with table- and wall mounts to hide connections and buttons designed in the same color code as the microscope.
  • COLOR OPTIONS: Choose the color of the unit from the RAL range to adapt the design to your exhibition styleguide.
  • BASE PLATE: Make DiMi mobile and independent from tables.
  • LIGHTBOX BASEPLATE: To reveal details of translucent objects.
  • SPECIMEN TURNTABLE: A rotating turntable that can hold multiple samples.
  • POLARISATOR: In combination with the translucent plinth, see your samples under polarised light

order DiMi online at the Hüttinger webshop >>

Images contain additional equipment.