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Precision mechanics · Toolmakers · Machinery mechanics and fitters · Sheet metal workers · Welders · Carpenters · Cabinetmakers · Painter · Polishers · Electronics technicians · Electrical equipment mechanics

We have an experienced team of highly skilled craftsmen in many trades all working together to create your one-of-a-kind exhibit. Maintaining the highest standards across all stages of the project, our craftsmen work hard to produce exhibits which are beautiful, durable, safe and appealing.

Metal Workshop

Thanks to our skilled metal working craftsmen, our metal shop is up for any challenge. Kinetic sculptures, water tables, or ball machines, these are a few of our favorite things.

CNC & Parts Fabrication

After the engineers, our machine park including two CNC mills is the heart of our fabrication process. From metal to foam and three-dimensional relief maps to bending laminate panels, 
there is nothing that this department cannot do.


Beginning with precision cut parts from our CNC machines, the Joinery department is able to deliver furniture, displays and decorative elements, from a wide array of materials, that integrate smoothly with the mechanical working elements.

Paint Shop

In this department we work hard to ensure the highest finish qualities possible. Our unique method enables us to retain the beauty of our exhibits for many years in even the most hostile environments.

Acrylic Shop

Our custom Acrylic shop has the capability to custom-mill and polish any acrylic parts required for fabrication. This results in very high quality with no back and forth regarding outside suppliers, thus helping us to maintain an efficient work flow.


Bespoke electronic design and production, in-house development of hardware solutions and control-system programming. Our creative approach to electronics has contributed many innovative aspects to exhibit design and functionality. 

Assembly and Testing

Our assembly team collects all parts coming from the various fabrication departments, assembles them into working elements and then installs these elements in furniture together with electronic and media components. Two big halls serve as temporary exhibition halls for testing and evaluating exhibits in the presence of customers before shipping. Each and every assembled exhibit is tested personally by one of our directors as part of our total quality management system.

Formative Evaluation

We learned many years ago about the value of evaluation in exhibit fabrication. We use formative evaluations to help us identify barriers to visitors’ use of, interaction with, and understanding of the exhibits. 

These formative evaluations provide a wealth of information about the projects that we work on. Working with local schools and kindergardens, we regularly invite groups into our exhibit hall where exhibits are arranged into a layout as similar as possible to their final locations. We are then able to observe the way children and adults work with the exhibits to gain knowledge to improve exhibits.