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Project Management

Our team of project managers is the main point of communication between client, consultants and our in-house staff. Using modern project management tools, the project manager is responsible for meeting the client’s requirements within time and budget. As well as having procedures for in-house design and production, we also manage specialist contractors, with whom we have long-established relationships.

Our results-oriented approach and flexible project leader-ship for assignments of any size and duration and our creative project management guarantee a seamless translation of project vision and values throughout our collaboration with the client organization. Our vast in-house resources, combined with our extensive experience in this field, allow our project management to cost any project accurately. All prices are stated up-front so that the clients are not surprised by any hidden costs further down the line.

Our wiki as the basis for knowledge management

In the course of digitization, Hüttinger has relied on democratic decision-making processes and on an open suggestion culture. All of these things can be implemented with our wiki. It is web-based and can, therefore, be operated from anywhere on earth.

The fact that every Hüttinger employee can easily contribute via the browser results in a collaborative collection of knowledge. Everyone can store their knowledge in the wiki and supplement it with other knowledge.

Our wiki is the guarantee for excellent project management, error prevention and the constant improvement of our interactive exhibits.