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fahr(T)raum - Ferdinand Porsche Experience World

A reference from the category Museums & Planetariums

Concept, Master plan, Design & Build Milestones of Mobility

fahr(T)raum focuses on the human dream of individual mobility and the endeavours of Ferdinand Porsche to gradually turn these dreams into reality, with innovative strength to take the state of engineering to new heights. fahr(T)raum maintains the values of the past by addressing the needs of the automobile genius Porsche and by telling a whole story about each car, in which the visitor can participate both actively and interactively. It is this unparalleled feature that sets fahr(T)raum apart from the classic antique car collections and present-day automaker museums.
With its blend of nostalgia, technological progress and contemporary history, the experience world in Mattsee presents unique motoring exhibits from the end of the 19th century. All of them are the work of an incomparable visionary and pioneer of his time and beyond.