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Glasgow Science Centre

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Powering the Future

In December 2014, after working successfully together to equip Floor 1 (2001) and Floor 3 (2013), we were again awarded a design and build contract to now equip half of Floor 2:
Powering the Future focuses on the science and technology used to supply energy in the UK and highlights key issues that society is likely to face in the not too distant future. Through a series of over sixty interactive exhibits, arranged within five exhibition zones - The Big Picture & You, Manage & Control, Transmission & Storage, Harness & Transform and Use & Efficiency - visitors are asked how one can meet increasing energy demand reliably, at an acceptable economic and environmental cost.
It is the most ambitious exhibition of its kind in the UK. To develop the exhibition, scientists from Glasgow Science Centre gathered support from across the energy sector, united by a shared desire to engage the public in the energy debate. Powering the Future was opened to the public on December 10, 2015.