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Liaoning Science and Technology Museum, Shenyang

A reference from the category Art

Wind Chime

In May 2012, Hüttinger was awarded the contract for the master plan, schematic design, detailed design and fabrication of the Creation and Experience gallery. Within the same year we were entrusted with the design, development and fabrication of a giant Wind Chime for the museum's foyer.
The entrance hall of the building is now equipped with an impressive kinetic sculpture. Moving by inertia, it smoothly assumes a variety of different shapes, which smoothly change from one to the other. The motion of the elements, which are painted in different colours, creates harmonically colour transitions. The 14.5-m-high sculpture, 13 m in diameter, is arranged in such a way that it can be viewed from all the galleries.

licensed and © by Anthony Howe

(Kopie 165)