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Macao SAR Government

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LRT - Power for a Quality Life

Back in 2009 Hüttinger was entrusted by the Government of Macao with the conceptual design and, design and build of the LRT gallery, an exhibition devoted to the first light-rail system in this Special Administrative Region. In January 2010 the gallery was officially opened within Macao Science Center. This summer we were contracted to rearrange this gallery and to add some exciting new exhibits. The renewed LRT - Power for a Quality Life exhibition was reopened on November 30, 2013.
Main intention of this Special Exhibition in Gallery 6 is the presentation of the Macao Light Rapid Transit (MLRT) System as well as the history of the mass transit project and its technologies. The planned LRT system will be driverless and based on a highly sophisticated signalling system. It will be environmentally compatible and silent owing to the fact that it is rubber-tyred. Its vehicles will run along elevated concrete guideways, ensuring a dedicated right-of-way separated from road traffic.