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OliOli يلوأ يلوأ Experiential Play Museum

Design and Build of initial exhibitry

OliOli is the brainchild of parents who are passionate about positive play and the power of imagination. OliOli is the Hawaiian word for joy. Focused on hands-on activities that nurture curiosity, imagination and exploration, OliOli is an experiential play museum; with eight separate galleries spread over two floors. Each space has been lovingly and thoughtfully designed with fascinating art and innovative equipment, all inspired by ideas from leading global educators, development psychologists and artists. In total, the galleries include over forty interactive, whimsical and wonderful things to do – unlocking creativity at every turn and sparking a genuine love of learning. 

In August 2016 we were commissioned to design, develop and fabricate interactive exhibits for the Cars & Ramps, Air and Water galleries at OliOli, which then opened its doors one year later for the very first time.

The A-Mazing Airways exhibit was designed and build by MindSplash.

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