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phæno, Wolfsburg

A reference from the category Science Centers

Mathe x anders - The magic of shapes and patterns

A giant “breathing“ ball – the so-called ”expanding sphere“ by Chuck Hoberman – hovers over the new special exhibition “Mathematics taught differently – The magic of shapes and patterns” at phaeno in Wolfsburg. Altogether, more than thirty phenomena can be seen in the special exhibition on the topic of mathematics – the first special exhibition at phaeno focussing on geometric shapes and bodies in a variety of ways. The new phenomena make it possible to gain an insight into the fascinating world of geometry: climbing on three-dimensional stars, turning objects, folding origami figures, or making strange objects, such as oloids, tumble – all this not only is funny, but also poses a supreme mental challenge for the visitor. Many a geometric secret is unravelled in the exhibition: For example, a laser beam, the so-called ring of fire, divides complex geometric bodies optically, revealing their basic structure. Thus, it is possible to make hyperboloids of straight threads, form a kind of cylinder with a very narrow node, and create an image of a light bulb by rotating a curved two-dimensional figure. Interrelationships often concealed in the abstract world of figures can be understood by using objects, bodies and spaces in an aesthetic experience. Hüttinger developed, built and delivered interactive exhibits for “Mathematics taught differently – The magic of shapes and patterns.”