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Theresa Hartmann

A reference from the category Art

our wet matters

Following our artist-in-residence projects with Yanran Cao and Matthias Deeg, we again announced a scholarship for students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg in October 2022. Our next artist-in-residence Theresa Hartmann's artwork 'our wet matters' premiered in the inner courtyard of the Hochbauamt der Stadt Nürnberg as part of the Blaue Nacht  (lit. Blue Night of Art and Culture) on May 06, 2023.

The Blaue Nacht audience became part of this water system through the interaction with 'our wet matters'. Theresa's work deals with our relationship to bodies of water and the visualization and creation of sounds in and through water. She graduated at the Nuremberg Academy of Fine Arts during the artist in residence project.

The guiding idea behind our artist-in-residence project is to combine art and science, to let them interact with each other. This integration of science and art is intended to address the thesis that science also has an aesthetic dimension and art also has a cognitive dimension. In recent years we have repeatedly developed projects with renowned artists such as André Heller, Jennifer Townley or Anthony Howe. We would also like to offer young, up-and-coming artists the opportunity to fully exploit their artistic potential and to realize their works with our support.

in cooperation with Academy of Fine Arts Nuremberg, Cultural Department of the City of Nuremberg and Blaue Nacht