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Earth Spirit and Pavilion EXPO 2000

The EXPO 2000 in Hanover, first of its kind being hold in Germany, is devoted to the theme Mankind - Nature - Technology. The WWF®, the world's largest private environmental organisation, is the only nature conservation organisation to be on show with a pavilion.
Together with Mathis Barz, André Heller designed the pavilion which is being guarded by an Earth Spirit of 14 m height which symbolizes fauna and flora. The pavilion's cladding, with fossils from the Moroccan Sahara, represents endangered animal species. The WWF® pavilion was chosen by visitors as the landmark of this EXPO. Hüttinger was awarded the contract as general contractor (building and exhibition) to develop and build the pavilion and the Earth Spirit.
After EXPO 2000 has ended the entire enseble of pavilion, Earth Spirit and surrounding ceramic sculpture was moved to the park of the Old Abbey in Mettlach, where it can be visited any time. //