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mobile knowledge transfer

We examined a multitude of ways of how we could succeed in accommodating a large number of exhibits in one system that needs little space, can be set up quickly and is not difficult to transport. One of the initial ideas was to locate the catering in a hospital, where hundreds of meals could be served within a short time and the empty plates collected again. Taking into account the transportability, the diversity and the number of exhibits, the system also had to meet the following requirements:
• permit exhibit arrangement without any specific order
• be of a compact and lightweight unit design
• provide protection from a multitude of external effects
• ensure economic manufacture
• offer sufficient space for the mechanical and electronic equipment of the exhibits
• be attractive to look at and touch
From our point of view, a link in the form of stackable crates and a transport dolly was the right approach, with each exhibit being housed in a standard hardcase. As a result of this, it was possible to stack the exhibits on the transport dolly and lock them together. Thus, it is possible to transport a lot of interactive exhibits with just one trip. The exhibit housings and the intermediate elements are resistant to impact and scratching; for a better overview, all exhibits are labeled with the respective exhibit name.

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