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Museums and Science Centers

The purpose of a Museum or Science Center is its mission. At best, it is intended to inform and educate people, but at least to motivate them to continue their education.

Insofar it is important that the contents of an exhibition should be fixed at the inception of the concept, at best, even before starting the design of the building. 
With regard to cultural and social activities, however, Museums and Science Centers are in competition with conventional leisure attractions. For people choosing an activity to occupy their leisure time, education and entertainment may, side by side, be pursuits of equal or secondary importance for them.

At Hüttinger, we understand this fine line between entertainment and education. Our unique experience in designing both museums and themed attractions enables us to plan and design museum exhibits that are attractive, educationally effective and operationally sound. We can provide a wide range of services - form feasibility studies to exhibit fabrication - creative down to the last detail.

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