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Themed Attractions

Thanks to our vast experience in exhibit and exhibition design as well as project management we are able to develop, fabricate and implement realistic or any ficticious individual components or entire exhibition areas of any size – from large all-encompassing science and entertainment centres to individual objects or structures so that we can offer you customised solutions or complete turn-key projects for your exhibitions.

Using the latest and highly innovative technologies, we strive to help you create a unique experience that will appeal to the public and attract large numbers of visitors to your center.

We also have extensive knowledge of every facet of the exhibit manufacturing process, the related maintenance work and the safety requirements imposed on such projects. It enables us to create far more technically accomplished exhibits compared to those produced solely by artistic ability. Оur activities cover theme parks, family recreation centers, zoos, interactive learning centres and hotels, both nationally and internationally.

  • Leisure Parks
  • Themed Entertainment
  • Zoos
  • Play Features
  • Brand worlds